Summer Plans

Apologies for the last two weeks of silence. I haven’t written much. I’ve been trying to sort out book 2 and 3. I don’t want to write the end of book 1 until I know how book 2 begins.
I have a vague outline for the main plot in book 2. I’m using the same process to outline the plots as I did in book 1. I outline three different plots: one main plot, and two subplots. The main plot follows one character, the subplots follow one to two characters. I know which characters will convey the 2 subplots. I don’t know how the two subplots will end, so I’m finding it difficult to outline.
The two subplots are on the hob, simmering away. I’ve tasted them, burnt my tongue, and now cannot know which ingredients to add. I’ve to be patient and wait.
I had a bonkers dream last week. I wrote a quick summary of it, then began to plot it. I haven’t all ready to write, and I haven’t been able to write it. I’ve put it in a Tupperware box and it’s in the fridge.
I wrote a couple of lines of poetry in French this week. I am proud of myself, since I’m living in France it’s been my goal to write in French. I am screwing up the spellings and pronunciation, thankfully my boyfriend is French!
I’m taking a month off. No Facebook, no WordPress, no emails, and if I can manage it no Internet for the month of August.
I have writing exercises in my notebook to do. I have the above short story to write. I have two French books to read and Paradise Lost. In the mediateque (library), I found the English literature bookshelf. I’m bringing my main notebook and my little poetry notebook. My camera. Naturally my pen and my spare pen! Hate the thought of running out of ink. And yes, I have a special pen, I would be distraught if I had to use a different pen.
I’m hoping to recharge my batteries. When I return in September, I want to finish the outline of book 2 and finish draft two of book 1. And hopefully, fingers crossed, I can write the first draft of book 2 in November.
Enjoy yourselves for the next month. I will be enjoying myself.


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