Wanted: Superhero for my Children!

Excellent post from takingthemaskoff, get the tissues ready you will be blowing your nose!


This is my 42 year old cousin Jon tonight, on a respirator, in the ICU barely hanging on.

Gifted people are not those that can act and are good at sports. It is those sensitive, caring, loving people who have been given hate, pain, and abuse their whole lives. Yet they still return with love for the world. They hold the key.

Currently how our society is set up, is we treat the most caring sensitive souls like garbage. The ones who could save humanity are in psych wards, detox facilities, and treatment centers. Until we learn to embrace these gifted souls, our problems will continue to mount and destroy us. We embrace the wrong things and this is the result. We are killing them off. When they become extinct, we will all go away.
It can be cured. The solution is simple. Love. Find an addict or someone with…

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