Review of 13/06 to 18/06

I picked social life over writing this week. I have learned my lesson. I went out two nights in a row. The first night, I drank enough to make my eyes not be able to focus on the computer screen. I didn’t drink at all the second night.
However, I was mentally drained from interacting with people. Do you feel like you have to pick your social life or your writing life? I’m happily picking my writing life. It helps that I live somewhere far away from my best friends. I am not obligated to have coffee with them once a week. I know some people thrive off of interacting with others, I am not one of those people. I wrote 2170 words. Not good at all. Last week is done, I forgive myself.

I finished my first French book, La Campagnie Noire par Glen Cook. I read it in two months. I’m not going to say what it was about because I don’t know. From reading the book, I learnt, that my French level isn’t up to par for reading books aimed at adults.
I browsed through the children – teenager section in the library looking for my next book: L’apprenti D’araluen L’ordere des Rôdeurs by John Flanagan. When I finish it, which will be soon, I’m going to write a summary of it in French. I need to start practising writing French. Reading French has helped my process of speaking already. I can see all the different tenses in action on the page, when I hear the tenses I now connect the two together. Compared to before, when everything was getting muddled.
I also want to start writing poetry in French. The French language is melodic and has way more rhymes.
I haven’t decided if I will put my French summary up here. It is writing. Maybe if I add the English translation. Would you guys like to see summaries of the French books I’m reading?

I’ve been exercising for two weeks now. I was listening to a writing excuses podcast that explained how many injuries writers experience. After that, I thought, what the best way to counter injuries is to have a flexible, supple body. The way to do that is to exercise.
I been June 20 minutes on an elliptic trainer for times a week. 20 minute low-impact cardio two times a week. And I finally found a nice low-impact abs workout which I’ll be starting next week. Altogether I do 2 hours 40 minutes exercise. I am not doing the “bikini body” type routine. I’ve also started to make smoothies. I’ve always struggled to eat fruit. In Ireland, it’s always too cold to eat fruit. Yeah, that’s a lame excuse. I found a shop that sells soja yoghurts. I can have smoothies without getting sick. I put strawberries, banana, peach, apricots, two yoghurts, and a splash of water into my smoothies.
It is the perfect refreshing drink to have after 40 minutes a sweaty exercise. Do you do any exercises to keep the injuries away? Have you any special rewards for yourself?

That’s my review of this past week. Next week my goal is to write 5K words, finish chapter 14. Do the author biography, send this and the poems off. Go to my childcare meeting. Read my French book, speak French, write French. Do my exercises. And finally, to forgive myself. Keep the yesterday’s in the past, concentrate on the today’s.


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