Bullet Journal and Author’s Bio

Bullet Journal
I’ve been keeping a bullet journal for about two months now. I mainly use it as a logbook. I log what I do each day, how many words I’ve written, chores I’ve done, money I’ve paid out.
I have a weekly productivity page which maps out the day in time slots from 9 AM to 1 AM. The time slot graph is colour-coded. The bar underneath the graph is a rough estimate of how many words I’ve written. Each square counts for thousand words. The graph spans over two weeks. At the end, I do a review.
I have four collection pages: poetry ideas, authors/books I could be interested in, researching novel stuff, and my savings bank account.
The newest page I have added is my weekly to-do list. I write everything that must be done that week, and also things that need to be prepared for the coming weeks.

The Benefits of a Bullet Journal

It is an incentive to write my thousand words each day during the week. I keep track of exactly how many words I have written. This week was 4218. I did not write on Thursday of this week. I had finished chapter 13 and was starting chapter 14. I am finding out that my way of writing, means I have to take at least 24 hours to process what needs to be done in the next chapter before I attempt writing it.
One of the things I am teaching myself with the help of the bullet journal is to forgive. My goal each week is to write 5000 words. That is the number that is on my to-do list. My journal logs my effort. That is what I am proud of. For myself, “to-do lists” carry a lot of guilt with them. I am not going to make excuses. I will not harbour any guilt. Yesterday is done. I will put in as much effort as I can today. Tomorrow, I will keep going, and not look back.
I find the bullet journal keeps everything in perspective. Tasks are no longer huge looming scary impossibilities. I have a meeting on 24 June. I want to get a diploma in childcare in France. Since I have worked nearly 3 years in the field of childcare, babysitting, I am legible to take a course that results in the diploma. Without actually having to stop working and go attend a college. This is huge for me. It is looming, and scary, and before this year, I would have thought impossible. Normally, I would ignore the meeting up until the night before. Causing a complete meltdown. With my journal, I have marked in my weekly to-do list, what exactly I have to get done. Yesterday I sorted out the paperwork I have that shows that I have been working as a babysitter for three years. Today, I will update my CV. My boyfriend and I have been speaking French all week. It is still scary, but no longer huge or looming.

Authors Biography
I’ve been trying to write my author’s bio. It is hard. Once I have it sorted, I am going to link my blog to my twitter account. No more hiding.
I had two poems I am submitting to a magazine. The magazine has asked for an author’s bio as well.
First thing, “how to write an author’s bio” tell you, is to put awards you’ve won, and places you’ve been published. Nothing, and nowhere.
They say, only write down degrees or diplomas that are relevant to a writing career. Is an honours bachelor’s degree in Fine Art in Printmaking relevant? I think it is, it’s going in.
Then write something quirky about yourself, “She found it harder to write her authors Biography then any poetry or story she has penned.” That totally works… Right?
You can also write where you live, but under no circumstances give your whole life history, “Irish living in France, swapped the continuous rain for some sunlight, can be found hiding in the shade.”


3 thoughts on “Bullet Journal and Author’s Bio

  1. Sara says:

    I got a book for my birthday called Getting things done. Its brilliant and based around making lists and storing everything somewhere so that you can breathe and get to it when u can. There are lots of videos on it on youtube, I find it great so far!!

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  2. So awesome to see that your bujo is working out for you! I really can’t understand why I didn’t start one sooner, it’s so efficient and versatile, and I’m so glad to see it’s helpful for you, too. I’ll be writing up a post on my bujo soon, actually. I still make use of my calendar apps and such, but writing things down and being able to see your schedule in tangible form works so much better for me.

    I love your word count bar! Great idea! Congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished so far, especially with your speaking French. Good luck!

    And yes, writing an author’s bio is nigh impossible. I still need to update mine but have been conveniently forgetting to do so. Having a whimsical touch to the bio is a good tip!

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