Review of 13/06 to 18/06

I picked social life over writing this week. I have learned my lesson. I went out two nights in a row. The first night, I drank enough to make my eyes not be able to focus on the computer screen. I didn’t drink at all the second night.
However, I was mentally drained from interacting with people. Do you feel like you have to pick your social life or your writing life? I’m happily picking my writing life. It helps that I live somewhere far away from my best friends. I am not obligated to have coffee with them once a week. I know some people thrive off of interacting with others, Continue reading


Bullet Journal and Author’s Bio

Bullet Journal
I’ve been keeping a bullet journal for about two months now. I mainly use it as a logbook. I log what I do each day, how many words I’ve written, chores I’ve done, money I’ve paid out. Continue reading

My Never Ending Journey to Find Success with What I Love – guest post by Bryan Caron

Truly encouraging blog post. Have been experiencing a slump IRL. This is the soft kick up the bum I needed.

Ana Spoke, author

My blog is supposedly about self-publishing, although that’s just the current flavor of my personal journey in pursuit of happiness. It has also become a platform through which I’ve “met” other writers and creatives actively pursuing their various original dreams and ideas. It has been a pleasant surprise to discover just how supportive these people are of me and each other, even though we’ve never met, and some I only know by their pet avatars.

So I was more than happy to host this guest post by Bryan Caron, who has generously volunteered his time to beta-read Indiot and provide thorough, constructive feedback. I was even happier when I saw the title of his guest post. It’s a look into the world of someone willing to take a risk to pursue a creative dream.

Before I get to the post, let me tell you a little more about Bryan.

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