A quick story I wrote over the weekend. It is unpolished and needs to be edited. Something different to the updates.

She stood out from the crowd because she was wearing her school uniform. She was neat and tidy and blushing. It was the first day back at school for everybody. It was her first day in an Irish school. Her fellow students were chatting and laughing around her.
Picking up her bag that lay by her feet, she walked slowly around the groups of students. She searched for the bathrooms. She put her left hand into her pocket and clutched her mobile phone. She felt like everyone was watching and pointing at her as she walked amongst them. There to the left, she saw the girls bathroom sign.
She hurried inside. There are five cubicles and three sinks. Thankfully there is no one else. She went to the last cubicle and locked herself in. Closing the toilet cover she sat down on top of it.
She wiped the sweat that gathered on her upper lip away. Opening her bag she rifled through the books looking for the letter. Pulling it out, she knew it off by heart, she had read it many times. And there it was, in bold letters, “Students must wear their school uniform every single day.
Why was she the only one wearing it so? Was it some cruel joke? Taking out her phone she dialled her father’s number. But she stopped. He had enough to be worrying about. She put away her phone.
The door opened.
“I wonder will there be homework today.” A girl said.
“Jesus! Don’t be talking about homework. It’s too early. Do you have some eyeliner?”
Caroline stuffed the letter away, zipped up the bag and opened the cubicle door. There were two girls getting ready in front of the mirror, and a third sitting between the sinks. One had long blond hair tied up in a ponytail, another had dark hair with blue streaks running through it, and the fourth had brown hair, short.
The girl with blue streaks in her hair smiled at Caroline.
“New girl?”
Caroline nodded her head, “I am very sorry to trouble you, but why are you not wearing the uniform?” She said as she folded her arms.
The blonde girl giggled, but blue streaks elbowed her in the ribs.
“It’s a tradition. Are you a first year?”
“No, I’m starting third year.”
Blue streaks clapped her hands together jumped off the counter, she grabbed Caroline by the arms.
“Excellent! I’m Elaine, that’s Mary,” pointing to the blond one who had finished with her hair, and was watching Caroline, “and that’s Sonia.” Elaine took a step back one hand on her hip, the other underneath her chin, she studied Caroline. Elaine then turned to her friends and said, “Mary take off one of your T-shirts, Sonia hand over a cardigan,” the two girls began to take off the instructed items of clothing. Elaine rooted in her own bag and then pulled out a pair of knee-high stripey coloured socks. They handed the items over to Caroline, “you go and change now,” They ushered her into a cubicle.


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