Jamie the Corbeau

Last Friday, my boyfriend sent me a text as he walked to work. There are huge tall trees he passes every day. He passed a crows body, happened to glance down at him. The crow blinked at him.
Crows don’t have outside lids like we do. They have a white film that shutters across their eyeball.
The crow was fucked. Proper fucked. Continue reading


A quick story I wrote over the weekend. It is unpolished and needs to be edited. Something different to the updates.

She stood out from the crowd because she was wearing her school uniform. She was neat and tidy and blushing. It was the first day back at school for everybody. It was her first day in an Irish school. Her fellow students were chatting and laughing around her.
Picking up her bag that lay by her feet, she walked slowly around the groups of students. She searched for the bathrooms. She put her left hand into her pocket and clutched her mobile phone. She felt like everyone was watching and pointing at her as she walked amongst them. There to the left, Continue reading

Another update

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Here I am, sitting in my office twirling pen between my fingers, with headphones on, one of those cool headphones which have a mic attached. The carpal tunnel, or tendinitis, whatever it is that is hurting my right arm, has flared up again. I cannot use my right arm for the next two months. I cannot bend my wrist in anyway shape or form. This is extremely difficult.

On Friday, I went to the shops and purchased the software Dragon Naturally Speaking. Continue reading

The first of May, May day, International workers day

In Limerick, Ireland, it is the Riverfest this weekend. The French market sets up in the streets. I used work on the Sunday, my friend and I would stroll through the market towards the shop. I was always nursing a hangover. Telling her the details of my night, and in turn listening to hers. It was nearly always raining. Jumping over puddles and ducking Continue reading