Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Saturday the sixteenth of April, I noticed as I was carrying a bag full of groceries, that my right arm felt dead. Me being me, I had forgotten that I get CTS, I complained to my man. There began my long week of no writing, no interneting, no knitting, and no colouring!
It sucks because I had begun to get into the flow. But when your body tells you rest, you must listen. I spent Sunday wallowing in self-pity, as you do, curled up in bed wondering what the hell I’m supposed to do. Everything I love to do involves using my right hand. Which was why I stuck to the new rule rigidly. I need my right hand. As I write these few sentences, I’ve had to stop and massage my hand, my little finger, and ring finger are cold, sluggish, dead. How did I spend my week? I played Sims! With my left hand. I read a lot of books. I am more drained now than if I had worked hard at writing all week.

Bullet Journal
I started a bullet journal three weeks ago. It has my daily to-do list. There isn’t anything fancy about it. This coming week I’ll be adding a colour coded productivity graph type thing. I want to track how much time I actually spend on my writing career. My goal is to do it for each week, and then have a monthly recap page. I may let you guys have a peek after a few trials!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t do any poetry either. Will be getting back in the saddle this week as well. Taking one word at a time.


One thought on “Carpal tunnel syndrome

  1. Sometimes, you really do just need to take a break from all the oftentimes self-imposed “responsibilities” of life! I’m sorry to hear about your wrist, and I hope it’s feeling better by now.

    So happy to hear you started your bujo! I’m still going strong and it’s so indispensable when it comes to keeping track of finances, goals, and anything else that needs tracing. I hope you show a little preview sometime, I’d love to see it!

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