I did one week of sonnets. My goal was to drop the “I” and “me” from my poems. Also, I wanted to illustrate the abstract. I accomplished this.

Last Sunday I tried to do a different form of a sonnet. It would not come out, so I began a basic ABAB rhyme. I finished the poem yesterday, 35 verses long. This week, I am planning to redo that poem. In ABABB rhyme for each verse. I hope to keep working on this one until it is done. April is my first writing anniversary, this poem is an “If you could talk to the past you, what would you say?” I know I’m not at my journey’s end, the first two months of this year reminded me of how much more I’ve to go before I truly kick my depression out of my life. It’s a time for reflection, which I hope to convey in my poem.

Camp NaNoWriMo

1,000 words every day for the month of April. I am writing draft two. It is a complete rewrite. The ideas and story will be the same, the writing (fingers crossed) will be better and in the third person P.O.V. And boy is it hard!


An excellent motivation tool that I read about from this blog. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now. It has been so helpful. Ticking that box after every poem, writing, exercise session gives me that ego boost that I definitely need.


Because apparently I need to bite off more than I can chew. Honestly, though, it’s been great, I signed up to the local mediatheque (library). Naturally I walked to the farthest one, oblivious to the Several nearer ones! I took out a knitting book. And this month, I had about twenty euros leftover in my account. Which is an enormous rarity! So I bought some wool and needles. Knitting has been added to my daily to-do list.


6 thoughts on “Update

  1. So glad you’re enjoying Todoist (: Are you participating in the National Poetry Month event for this month? I put -everything- in there!

    Personally, my favorite knitting is the loom, I was doing that for a couple months this past winter. It’s getting too warm to knit scarves and hats now though. Crocheting was fun as well, do you crochet too?

    And not that I need to, but I’m getting my stuff together to try and start a bullet journal. As if I need another planner/to do list!


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