Searching for an idea

Fluttering from flower to flower,
moving along before he is settled.
Wings beating, creating a soft purr.
Searching, he remains baffled.
Confident, he’ll know it when he finds it:
Tasting each morceaux* and rejecting.
Knowing he will never quit,
until he has the piece that makes him sing.
Even then, he will begin again
because one song is never enough.
No need to rush, he is zen.
Hes job is long, hard, and tough.

Using the breeze to guide his flow
he flutters gently through the meadow.

*morceaux = piece, it is French.

© 2015-2016


Elegances Rambling Thoughts

French and my poetry
Eight poems done. It is easier than I thought it would be. Once I have the subject the words seem to flow forward. A search through and the right word pops out. The rhythm is what slows my progress. I find the perfect rhyme, write it out and realize the second line is twice as long. Or one word throws the whole beat. But without that one word, the whole thing makes no sense.

This is where the skills of learning a new language comes into play. Translating Continue reading

The Joys of Braces

Eating a clementine
at first was a delight.
Now I must decline
that juice filled bite.

Teeth are wrapped in braces
too much room to chew.
Soggy mess causes retches
forcing me to spew.

Add it to the list
of forbidden food.
The tang will be missed.
This I can conclude:

I will not be glum
in two years to come.

© 2015-2016