Rambling book review

I finished The Three Musketeers. I had attempted to read it when I was younger, but failed. I found the language used too difficult to understand. It made me feel stupid. Like most people, I did not like anything that hurt my brain, like Shakespeare. I hated Shakespeare in school. Damn soliloquy’s  of Hamlet, that had to be learnt off by heart.
Before the Three Musketeers, I listened to Anne of Green Gables, and two of the following books of that series, while also reading Little Women at night time. I overkilled my brain in morals.
As a child, I loved those books. Reading them as an adult, has changed my opinion. I doubt if I would read them again. Anne (Green Gables), and Jo (Little Women) were my role models. They had imaginations as big as mine. They made up stories. Even though at this stage in my life, I wanted to be an artist, or sometimes a primary school teacher. I loved and admired those two characters. They were different, I felt different too.
As a child, I was able to overlook the morals that authors jam packed into the stories. As an adult, I was not. It awoken my feminist side. I’ll be the first to admit, that I am not a huge feminist. I do not believe that men are equal to women, or women to men. OR women to women, or men to men. I believe every person should be judged by their skills. How they react in situations. How they behave to other humans, to animals. Believe me, I know these books were written in a different era to ours. I cannot judge them as harshly. However, I believe it is beneficial for myself to be aware of the differences.
In that sense I enjoyed the stories. My own sense of injustice grew, I felt something was wrong. I stopped and analyzed it. Realizing that I was annoyed with the role that both men and women were instructed to play in society. The big thing, marriage. Everyone had to fall in love and get married. I am in love. However the only way, I see myself getting married, is if it becomes a necessity.
Marriage brings me on to the next subject matter that can be found throughout these books: god.
I am a catholic. Not by choice. I’ve been baptized, communed, and confirmed. I have never once believed in god. Growing up, I used be envious of the people, who believed. People who believe, sometimes without realizing it, lord it over you. I can’t stand that crap. If you believe, fine. But keep it to yourself. I don’t want to hear about it, as much as you don’t want to hear me talk about it. Unfortunately they always tell me, they will include me in their prayers. There you go, lording it over me.
After all this  you can imagine my need to read a different genre: enter The Three Musketeers. The role play of the genders are similar, men are manly, women faint. Some of the women characters had some balls. Sometimes the men were not manly. This is why I enjoyed it. Also lots of fight scenes. I like fights!
It took a chapter or two to flow into the language. Once I did, I had to consciously not use it in real life: “That smile does not become you,”  slipped out, but no one noticed.
I enjoyed it immensely, so much so, I’ve deviated from my reading list, and began the second book, Twenty Years Later, instead of a Shakespeare play. I still believe I am not smart enough to read Shakespeare. I will listen to it instead.
I didn’t write one word on my WIP this week. I got a feverish flu thing. Basically, my brain stopped functioning. I kept uttering complete nonsense all week. Lots of giggles with my boyfriend! I couldn’t look at a computer screen without my eyes going bugg-ly. Migraines galore.
Everything seems to be back to order. Will be working on it this week. Fingers crossed.
I can’t sleep at night time. I’ve decided to quit. I’ve tried for months, to get myself into a normal rhythm. It doesn’t work. I stay awake, in bed, until four am, where finally I fall into a dream filled state. Wake up, exhausted at half ten, go the day without naps. Am barely functional all day. Get to bed. Fall asleep. Wake up a half hour later, awake until four or five am.
Tonight I am going to bed at four am. Waking at eleven am will give me seven hours of sleep. I’ll let you all know how this pans out.
Ooh! I’m three followers away from one hundred… will this be the week?


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