The Internet

The Internet is my vice.
It’s a constant itch, like lice.
It drags me down to that dark place
scrolling endlessly through mindless space.
Tricking me into believing it’s vital
to wrap my mind in its shackle.
The more I pull, the more it tightens.
It entices through all its options.
Draining my creativity: my energy.
It promises freedom, yet I am not free.
Click this, scroll there, hours blur.
This problem, I know the answer.
Can I do it? I feel fear.
Press the x, and work like Shakespeare.

© 2015-2016


Rambling book review

I finished The Three Musketeers. I had attempted to read it when I was younger, but failed. I found the language used too difficult to understand. It made me feel stupid. Like most people, I did not like anything that hurt my brain, like Shakespeare. I hated Shakespeare in school. Damn soliloquy’s  of Hamlet, that had to be learnt off by heart.
Before the Three Musketeers, I listened to Anne of Green Gables, and two of the following books of that series, while also reading Little Women at night time. I overkilled my brain in morals.
As a child, Continue reading