Time to face facts

I am absolutely useless at staying on a schedule.

So I am not going to try anymore. I end up feeling guilty, which is a horrible cycle to ride out.

“They say”, you know “those people”, that to get a good following on a blog, the blogger most be on time. They also say, to be yourself. Well, for me, those two cars crash horrendously, and I’m left hiding in the ditch.

I am organized in a chaotic way. I will blog about whatever, when I want to. Not to anyone’s (including my own crappy) schedule.

And with that thought, I’ve been rereading my first draft and planning out my second draft. All on the amazing Scrivener. It is so much fun! I am using the outliner and the corkboard at the moment. All the colours! First time ever I’ve been able to organize my brain. Still no rewriting though. I am not allowed to rewrite until I have sorted out the gaps and holes in this draft. I hope to begin rewriting in February.

When I am in the mood to write a poem, I’ll write it. Lately everything has being going really great in my life. I did enjoy doing to complete fiction ones, so I will try to do some more of those. My WIP is my priority at the moment.

I will try to give weekly updates…but don’t expect them!



10 thoughts on “Time to face facts

  1. Sara says:

    I can relate to you there with the struggles of a schedule. I have found it hard to stick to making art everyday, especially when its the holidays or visiting family! I look on it from the point of view that I will try to aim for the schedule but avoid getting on the blame train. By pushing myself thus far I have learnt so much and gotten more confidence. I find that social media leaves a lot to be desired. I don’t really care about how many likes I have. I am intending to concentrate on real time interactions and face to face “likes” ha ha
    I think in a way, its good to not be on schedule. It creates a feeling of suspense, I check your page regularly for new entries. People who are fans will faithfully come back, and I think we should respect the creative person’s right to dictate their own rules. Trying to figure out what others want is too head wrecking and complicated.

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  2. The masses are fickle. I don’t update consistently, either. I’d rather have quality than quantity, and I’m sure you feel the same. But it’s good to hear from you! Focus on your goals and projects. Trying to juggle social media and writing don’t mix very well. Good luck with your story planning and revisions!

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  3. eamonbrogan says:

    I’m a beginning blogger and have yet to discover all the hidden wonders of Scrivener. A wise decision to get off the blame train for not sticking to a self-imposed schedule. “Leave the committee on the bus,” someone wise said to me. I think your caution-to-the-wind approach toward blogging is magnificent! I am eager, but patient, to read more from you.

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    • Haha! Excellent 😀 Scrivener has me awestruck. I have a novel to edit, so I’ve had no choice but to dive right in and get completely lost 😀 The program is user friendly though, I have not gotten bogged down in information. I got it 2 months ago, so I am a newbie.


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