Weekly New Word

irascible adj.
having or showing a tendency to be easily angered.


3 thoughts on “Weekly New Word

  1. Sara says:

    That sums up a person I came across while cycling my bike this week. I came around a corner and momentarily forgot I was in Germany and have to cycle on the right side here. Before I knew it there was a throng of bikes coming towards me and no time to change so I quickly pulled into a stop at the left side to wait for them pass. During this an irascible old man at the head of the convoy gave me a look of hatred and started screaming in German ”WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU STUPID GIRL, YOUR ON THE WRON…” This was all the more aggressive with the harsh sounds of the German language. He had already cycled out of earshot before he could finish. I was thinking he was a right ray of sunshine. I guess if he’s at his age and can’t understand that life isn’t perfect especially in a city with 100,000 bikes on the road everyday then he probably never will. At least it wasn’t one of those times I was crossing the road and forgot which side the cars come from. Ha ha

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