I created a poem using a random word generator. Every word it gave me is in bold. It is a fictional story:

A girl shoved a can in his face
“Free coke!” she called enthusiastically.
He defied her, slowing his pace.
Her job was to promote, she smiled sweetly.

Smirking in victory, he entered the station.
Searching his bag for his train ticket,
moving aside the popcorn and bacon.
Finally spotting his little booklet.

The explosion sent him flying,
through the air like a ball.
The boom was deafening.
Struggling bodies lined the wall.

Coughing and spluttering in the dusty air.
Ringing and screams reaching his ears.
Looking at the destruction everywhere
he blinked away watery tears.

© 2015 elegancesicy.wordpress.com


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