(tea, berate, low, moonlight, tease, wretched, shoes, execute)
Eight random words weaved into this poem:

Just my luck!
Who owns these shoes?
That’s going to leave a bruise.

“Damn!” Continue reading


School Run

500 word story from a writing prompt. Enjoy:

The school doors open and a flood of children burst out, screaming and laughing. Steve knew it was hopeless looking for his grand-kids in that torrent of limbs. He waited patiently at the side, watching the flood disperse as parents and guardians pulled their children out through the gate.

As the press of bodies Continue reading


I created a poem using a random word generator. Every word it gave me is in bold. It is a fictional story:

A girl shoved a can in his face
“Free coke!” she called enthusiastically.
He defied her, slowing his pace.
Her job was to promote, she smiled sweetly.

Smirking in victory, he entered the station. Continue reading