One God, Our God

“They believe in one god, ‘our god is better'”
When I read this, all I felt was anger.
I gave up on religion a long time ago,
I abandoned politics as it is all about their ego.

A hundred plus people dead, because of “one god, our god”
Through the whole ordeal, I wish I had a dog,
Because their happiness is based on simplicity,
A stark contrast to humanities duplicity.

As the anger built I grew helpless.
What can I do to clean up this mess?
The answer is nothing, people will bicker and fight.
“I’m right, you’re wrong” They will argue all night.

There is no answer to this dilemma.
I hope they remember, it was young men with an idea.
Please don’t write “No Muslims” under “No dogs” on your sign.
Ask any Irish person, what’s it feel like to be below a canine.

When the anger left, I cried hot tears.
We talked through all my fears.
I think we are headed for World War Three.
I hope we are not so stupid as to repeat our history.

© 2015


3 thoughts on “One God, Our God

  1. Sara says:

    It does feel like world war three is already happening, the only thing left to do now is act. Enough of death. Only problem is USA have caused it by giving the guns to ISIS. How do we stop the USA?


    • As an American who is most unhappy with our POTUS, and who lives with nearly an entire nation of blind constituents, it’s nice to see that there are people who see this president for who he truly is. I never supported the guy and saw clearly who he is from the beginning. I’m sorry for all the dirty dealings of his, he is ruining my country from the inside out. I wish he could be impeached, but too many Americans are fools. And even if the president ceases support, ISIS will find their ammunitions elsewhere. The source needs to be stopped, not just their supporters. And that requires unity and the elimination of this farce of “tolerance” for them. As far as I’ve observed, we need more leaders like Putin who will go for their throats, not play footsy with them.

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      • Sara says:

        I’m glad i didn’t offend you with my comment. I know many Americans who are intelligent and good people. It is however such a shame that they as a people, are portrayed so negatively because of the stupid actions of a government. I find Putin very intelligent, his unedited transcripts of interviews with journalists is very enlightening. He portrays his opinion in a way that is clear to see, not manipulative and allows the reader, listener to make their own opinions.
        I have family in New York and visited them a few weeks ago. It was eye opening to visit America as I clearly saw how skewed the culture is there. Mass media is the emphasis. I had Americans telling me ludicrous things about Europe. I could not believe that there is so much misinformation floating around. I can tell you search for your own information and question the status quo.
        I don’t know much in regards to this about Obama, i do know he has had positive influences such as universal healthcare and his work promoting equality. I personally believe he’s currently doing a better job than Bush but this isn’t saying much.

        I heard this podcast on a general who fought in Iraq, he sheds a lot of light on what they do there, how they make progress against the terrorist regime. i recommend it:

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