30,000 words

Exact count: 31,908

It was hard to write the last few days, as you can guess. My boyfriend interrupted me on Friday night at 11pm, I barely made the 2,000 words that night.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day, not wanting to write, how could I be so selfish, when people had died so horrendously.

I have asked myself ‘What is the point?’ a lot this weekend. The answer, to live for the little things. Hitting my 2,000 words each day is one of those ‘little things’ for me.


4 thoughts on “30,000 words

  1. Sara says:

    Well done for how much you have done, in some days you have flown through and others despite terrible tragedy. Every word you write is you exercising your right to free speech in a free world 🙂 xxx

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