Creative Waiting Week 3

I had two tasks this week. The first one was to edit the last task of last week. I didn’t do much to it, I find editing hard especially just after writing the piece. I prefer to wait until I’ve forgotten the story, so I can look at the piece with a more critical mindset.

This is good since there is no set rules in writing, as a writer, you must find what works for you. I’ll show you the edited piece, even though it is fairly bad:

“Spare some change please?” the young girl rattled a tin at the passerby’s: Some people looked at her in dismay, others in disgust, but majority ignored her.

One young woman smiled as she went by mouthing, “Sorry”.

Jules wished she could help the poor girl, unfortunately she was looking forward to a bowl of salt and pepper flavored couscous for dinner. Her stomach grumbled in anticipation. Nearly home, nearly home.

Please no bills. Please. Please. Opening the door to her building. She studied her post box, Be empty! Yes! She let go of the tension that had been building in her neck and shoulders. Some of it anyway. Closing and locking the box, she climbed the three flights of stairs to her glorious one roomed apartment.

Taking off her coat, scarf, and shoes she reached to flick on the heating. She stopped, No, it’s not that cold yet. Peeling off her waitress uniform, she hung it up, ready to wear tomorrow. She then changed into leggings, pulled a pair of socks on, tucking the leggings in. Pulling on her pyjama bottoms over the leggings, adding a pair of big fluffy socks, then her slippers. She put on a few t-shirts and finally an oversized hoodie. Feeling less like a corpse she went in search of her dinner.

A clean black jeep pulled up beside the young girl, the drivers window rolled down, “Clean your face, we’re going to a restaurant tonight.” said her father. Excellent! Steak tonight. She smiled as she gathered up her stuff and hopped into the car. She handed over her earnings to her Dad.

The second task, I had to find a prompt and write a 350 word story. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was the first time ever I wrote something with no idea where it was going. I free wrote until I reached the 200 word mark, that is when the story emerged. I wanted to write something jollier than what I usually write:

Reluctantly, he handed over the key. He wanted to tell them, it wasn’t his fault, but he knew it was no use. They had made their decision.

Head bowed, he turned, lowering his eyes, he walked out of the room. Someone shut the door behind him, reiterating that he was no longer welcome.

Breathing deeply he grabbed his hat and left the building. The clouds had finally decided to let go of their luggage. He was grateful, in a way, he could hide his face from the crowd waiting outside. Someone called after him, he scurried on. The shame burned his face.

He had to tell her. He didn’t want to, but the thought of someone telling her before him. . . he quickened his pace.

After ten minutes, his coat was soaked through, weighing him down. He had left the village behind, no more glares.

Warmth flooded through him as he spotted his house. The Masters face flashed across his brain. He stumbled, grabbing the stone wall to steady himself, she would understand, wouldn’t she?

Shaking himself, he wasn’t sure how much time had passed, he knew he couldn’t stay out here all night. He pulled himself upright and walked to the front door, fishing his keys out .

“Johnny! You’re home early. It’s miserable out there. Come in and take that coat off. Warm up by the fire.”

“Mammy. . . I messed up!”

Jane turned to look at her son, dripping by the door. Tears, not rain, streaming down his face.

“What happened, love?”

“It was my job to keep Musky out of the room. .. but Tim had the new batman comic and I forgot to lock the door and and Musky got in and killed Loppy. . . and it’s all my fault!”

Jane opened her arms to her boy, he dashed into the forgiving embrace, feeling better already. His mother understood.

NaNoWriMo Update tomorrow



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