Creative Writing Course

I started a creative writing course last week, it is free, from the Open University. It is confusing and slightly overwhelming, as it’s free it is peer group orientated. There are like a thousand plus participants. It is possible to read all the comments, but responding in a relevant way is tough and time consuming. Even reading is exhausting.

Today, I will show you the exercises I did this week.

Write two paragraphs, four sentences in each. In the first paragraph have one fact and three fiction, in the second have one fiction and three facts:

“The weather today is like the Irish weather: overcast and drizzlely. Such a pity, as I was looking forward to hanging out with the neighbours, by the side of our building. Talking and laughing, forgetting the fact that we are in an apartment complex, enjoying our youth. Then we get to march inside and listen to the hauting songs of the old country.

The singers voice echoes throughout the apartment building. It stops you in your tracks, forces you to listen, you cannot escape those awful sounds. We cheer, clap our hands and stamp our feet as the song ends, some of us wipe the tears away. Maybe some day soon I’ll visit the old country.”

The second exercise, I had to write about a character I had interacted with. I wrote it first in first person, I changed it to third person because that is the style I want to write my novel.

“She plonks herself down forcing two people to leave the four person bench: only one remains, turning his head to avoid the smell. She tries to converse with him, but he ignores her. She turns to the pram and exclaims, ‘Elle est mignonne!’ Sarah’s child hides her face from the atrocious sight before her. The womans face is pocked and greasy, the only water her hair has seen is the rain, her toothless mouth opens and alcoholic fumes flow out. I wish I could hide my face too, Sarah thinks as the woman asks her, ‘Elle est timide?’ Sarah shakes her head as she tries to manovere the pram away from the fumes, but with each movement the woman leans in closer. She leers at the child, in what Sarah assumes is a smile. Finally the bus arrives, as she gets up, Sarah stares at the big brown stain on the seat of her pants.”

In other news, I written this post using a wacom and stylus. I write on the pad in my terrible cursive waiting and it translates it. It is excellent. Slow but I think I need to practice a lot!




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