The tasks a girl ‘must’ do

Honestly, I don’t care, I am not pushed about all the ‘stuff’ you ‘have to’ do to make yourself ‘ready for the world’. Anytime I try to have a conversation about this IRL, people tell me, ‘oh it’s just because you are pretty, you have good skin, if you didn’t you’d care.’ No, the reason I don’t care is because, I will pick sleep over getting up and spending hours ‘getting ready’. I prefer to stick my nose in a book while I get ready. It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize I had to have a shower everyday, because the effort. My theory, but I just did this yesterday, why do I have to do this again? This is cutting into my reading time…

I like having smooth legs because it makes me feel sexy. Using a razor makes the hair grow faster, blacker, and thicker. My boyfriend commented on how my legs were hairier than his, harsh but true 😀 I explained to him how I had stopped using wax strips as I had no money to buy them. We decided it was time to buy some wax 🙂

I couldn’t find the brand I used buy so I decided to change it up, I bought Nair Roll-on. My boyfriend sat down to watch me ‘torture’ myself. I applied, took a few deep relaxing breaths and stripped. The few seconds of pain is totally worth seeing all that hair stuck in the wax on the strip. It fascinates me. The box came with 10 strips. I used them all on my bottom half of my left leg.

The instructions on the box says to soak the strips and the applicator in warm soapy water. For the strips, that works fine. For the applicator, oh my god NO! The wax just caked on. I spent a half hour scrubbing at the wax, ended up with the scissors scraping the wax off. The roll bit wouldn’t roll. The anger builds. I gave the applicator a good talking to and left it in a glass of soapy water.

Looking for reviews on-line, every commenter said ‘Do NOT wash applicator with warm soapy water.’ Yeah thanks, bit late for that. One person said they used rubbing alcohol to clean off the wax. I don’t have it. Brainwave! Is nail varnish remover the same as rubbing alcohol? I looked it up, but got no answers. I figured my applicator is already ruined, so it can’t do any worse right?

Woohoo! I was right! Clean applicator 😀 Two smooth legs. For at least 4 weeks. Lesson learnt do not trust the instructions on the leaflet, always ask the Internet 😉

In other news, I got a job 😀 I start tomorrow. Funny way that goes, 8 months of no contact, in the last week I got a job and 2 other offers.

Have a good week everyone and thank you for reading my little post 😀


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