Update No. 1

I am a person who likes the follow steps and fill in the blanks. I wanted to try a new way after The Snowflake Method. The first step was to have a Story Goal. I then figured out the consequences, requirements, forewarnings, costs, dividends, prerequisites and preconditions: definitions all found here. I couldn’t find an answer to the preconditions. I started to go down the ‘oh crap what will I do now’ path, so I went and had a chat with my boyfriend. Afterwards I came to the conclusion, that these were GUIDELINES, not set in stone. I moved on.

I was able to put together a decent enough outline. In just a few hours. The important thing, in my opinion, is that things can and will change. My original idea of the story to this point in my process, has already changed completely. The only thing common is the protagonist and antagonist.

Next step, sorting out the archetypal characters:

Protagonist and Antagonist, done.
Guardian, an idea, but not 100% sure.
Contagonist, done.
Reason and Emotion, done.
Sidekick and Skeptic, done.

So far I have five characters and a dog, hopefully that’s where the similarities to The Famous Five ends. I got to have great fun naming the characters and adding tags of their main characteristics.

Next thing, I found this video and followed all the steps here. After that, I had a pretty good idea of how the story was progressing, it was time to put it to the test. Describe it to my boyfriend. The result: the ending is too weak. We talked for an hour or two, going over the back story, the why’s and where’s and how’s. And *POP* the ending appeared. He is as excited as I am about the idea, always a good result.

World-building. I already had an idea for the Kingdom where the story begins. I wanted to create a whole new world, I want a time before all of the technology that is in today’s world. Bring it back to basics, no electricity. It is crazy how you just know what you want, where the setting is, what names fit and what doesn’t. We watched the Village and I knew the clothing was not what I wanted. Watching Kaamelott, the costumes were closer to what I want.

I needed a map. I found this site. After a full day muttering at photo-shop I have my map of my new world. No name as of yet. I named all the seas and oceans, I know where my Kingdom is. And that is where I am at.

Things to do:

  • Add different threads of The Matrix technique into my story
  • Fill out my map, add the other destinations
  • Sort out currency, way of life, history etc.

Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a good week.


3 thoughts on “Update No. 1

  1. Hey elegancesicy,

    Thanks for mentioning my map tutorial 🙂 Hope it helped you. Would love to see what you created with it.

    Have you published the map on your website yet?

    All the best,


    • Hello Nate,

      Thank you for your comment. Your map tutorial was a great help, your instructions were clear and easy to follow.

      I haven’t put it up yet. I am still working on it. If you would like I can send you it, in an email?



      • Sorry Elegances, only just seen that you replied to my comment.

        Great to hear that the tutorial was clear and easy to follow. That’s always the worry when writing a tutorial.

        I’d love to see the map. Feel free to email it to me 🙂

        All the best,

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