New Plan

It’s not really a new plan, more like new guidelines. I am not good with plans, I like routines. Plans are too much like someone telling me what to do. I do not like being told what to do… Even if I am the one telling me what to do.


First off the posts will be short, maximum of 500 words. Why? Because I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I have a mouse like this, it is excellent. I am saving up for a keyboard like this, something like that anyway.

My writing career to date

First off, as you lovely followers already know, I used poetry as therapy. It worked, never felt better.
Next, I wanted to see if I could write a book. I found The Snowflake Method. It worked great until I realised I had no plot. Plot’s are sort of important. That novel is now on the back burner.
After that, I wrote a short story. I’m at the re-edit stage. It’s hard because I am new to this. I have this urge to rewrite it completely. Anyway, I like doing the short story because it has a beginning, middle and end. It was another block in my confidence of becoming a writer.
Finally, I thought of this idea when I was trying and failing to get to sleep. It has blown up from a simple story to a possible novel idea. Happy days. This time, instead of focusing on the characters first, I wanted the plot sorted, so I found this website and followed all the links and steps. This time, I have a workable plot.


What will I fill this blog with?

  • I will keep you all updated with how my novel is going: the joys and pitfalls.
  • Little rants. Not big issues like politics or religion, but ones about sleeping positions and hair problems and magpie fights outside my window. The unimportant pain in the bottom stuff I have to deal with everyday. Mind, if a big thing happened, like Charlie Hebdo, I may have something to say about it. Who knows!
  • Flash Fiction. Maybe, if I can. I know I can, it’s just, well can I really? Any poetry I write will go here too, I think.

Wow, that looks so small now. Oh well, they are my ideas for the moment.

What day?

Right now, I am thinking, I will upload/update on Sunday. Sunday is such a blah day. In the future, depending on my organizational skills and my new keyboard, I might add days: one day for flash fiction, another day for updates on my novel.

In conclusion, I have not forgotten about this blog. I am still here. Hopefully now, it will be more interesting. Now to work on a post for Sunday.


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