The heat

I must not complain.
I grew up in the rain.
Rarely did my eye
see an empty blue sky.

I woke up at nine
feeling perfectly fine.
It is now nearly one
and the heat has won.

I drink so much water
but never feel cooler.
I stick to my chair
as the fan blows warm air.

I lift the empty glass.
‘Damn. I must move my ass.’
I never thought the heat
could be so complete.

Even at night
there is no respite.
I will not complain
but I do miss my rain.

© 2015



I am back from holidays.
We went by railways
to a unique scene
that broke our routine.

A thunderstorm broke,
and I awoke
to hail, rain and steam.
It felt like a dream

because later we played
pétanque in the shade.
Next, we went to the sea
and it filled me with glee.

We sailed out on the boat,
my heart was in my throat
as I leaped into the ocean
beside my Frenchman.

And to conclude,
we ate too much food
it is time for a diet
for our bellies and our wallet.

© 2015