Write 100 sentences that do not connect. Start the first with “I” and the second with “You” and alternate.

I am hungover. You are dead. I am twelve. You should leave now. I like to write. You are an idiot. I feel guilty. You are hoovering. I will wash the dishes. You are beautiful. I am annoyed with my pen. You are in love with someone else. I am a big rock star. You tried to kill yourself. I enjoy to eat good food. You take all of your clothes. I have trouble spelling words. You make me uncomfortable. I hate a wasted pen. You are wasting your life. I enjoy writing. You messed with the wrong kid. I want to live my life. You are dead to me. I am the king of the world. You need to leave now. I love baking cakes. You have to walk the dogs. I want to go horse riding. You got to go to school and learn. I believe in freedom. You are a farce. I am tired. You are alive. I need a job. You are a liar. I love my life. You have 3 kids. I am the best. You are the worst. I can write for ten minutes. You can clean the house for once. I live in my own head. You complain a lot. I like my handwriting. You are a god. I fart a lot. You open the window. I dream about everything. You are my life. I thought I had to do this only for ten minutes. You made it harder then it actually is. I look forward to my next pay check. You are not true to yourself. I do not love you. You are leaving me forever. I want the best for my kids. You drank all the pills. I jumped off the cliff. You went fishing with your grandfather. I come from Mars; the chocolate bar. You are an excellent doctor. I want to be immortal. You drive really fast. I am going to dies soon. You have five brothers. I want a lollipop. You are pregnant at sixteen. I tell my father the bad news. I am the greatest rapper. You wake up in a coffin. I am about to jump out of a plane. You are running from a bear. I am sunburnt. You need to go to the gym. I go dancing in the rain. You drink until you sleep. I have to travel home. You farted in the elevator. I need to flick the switch five times. You chew with your mouth open. I chew my toenails. You make a gourmet meal. I shave my pubes. You play too many instruments. I count the hairs on my leg. You stare at the wall blankly. I am so nervous. You are paranoid. I hate the world. You play poker. I am nearly finished. You turn off the lights. I got caught watching porn. You slapped that child. I swing higher and higher. You spend too much time on the internet. I need to do some shopping. You are ugly. I want to read all the books. You need to go back to school. I miss her. You found your treasure.

Prompts are from Sarah Selecky, http://www.sarahselecky.com/

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