I am grand

She wants to ban the word ‘grand’
She needs to understand,
that if we start to ban words
we are going backwards.

Fine, you want people to be more truthful,
maybe we do need to be less wasteful
of the English language. But often
‘I am grand’ is specifically chosen.

So instead of ‘We must ban…’
Lets try and find a plan
to stop the depression that sweeps
and causes our mothers to weep.

© 2015 elegancesicy.wordpress.com


Write about taking a bite.

I examine them, choosing carefully which one to go for, some I leave to wait for another day, I spot the one I want. I run my thumb across it to check the length, will it be an easy grip or will I have to dig my teeth in? I place it between my lips and flick my tongue across it, testing. I catch the edge of it with my bottom teeth and position by top teeth over it, I have a good grip. I bite down hearing the crunch as my nail is bitten away, I continue biting along my fingertip until I have the nail cut away from my finger. I do not do this because I am anxious, angry or sad, I do it because I find it pleasurable biting through my fingernails.