Don’t like talking to strangers
feel like we are all actors.
Takes a long time to know someone,
the task is a burden.
Don’t need any more friends,
I want to make amends
to my existing ones.
I have illusions
of being a terrible friend.
I attempt to mend
friendships that are not broken.
My brain has created this fiction,
I have too much alone time
too many sad thoughts on my mind.

© 2015


One thought on “Friends

  1. littletoska says:

    I don’t feel like talking to people sometimes too, today was that day. And it is true that sometimes we need many times meeting to get to know people. I get a feeling sometimes that the people i get to know don’t respect me or are laughing behind my back. (this goes back to my bad school days) Then I need to bring myself back into reality and remember to trust and relax. People are always worrying more about themselves than thinking about others

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