My cat

I miss my cat
At heart, she was a wildcat
Her name was Whiskey
But my dad called her Felicity

She was a prowler
All you saw was a blur
Mice, rats and crows
Were not safe in the meadows.

I don’t want to go back
Knowing she is not asleep on a haystack
She purred on my lap
Drooling like a tap.

We were alike
Both unladylike
Cat eyes, mad hair
Love to nap in a chair.

She was awesome
Kept me from being lonesome
I wish I could give her one last pat
And tell her she was the best cat.

© 2015


2 thoughts on “My cat

  1. littletoska says:

    I found that my pet dogs really helped me when i was sad, beaten, felt alone. I would go into the barn and sit with my three dogs and cry, they somehow knew i was sad and just lied their heads on my lap, licked my tears, looked at me with sad dog faces.

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