I woke at five a.m. Wide eyed.
Watching him snore beside.
When I was little,
I would watch the light trickle,
Across the floor of my bedroom.
I would sneak to the sitting room,
Wrap myself in a cocoon
And watch my favourite cartoons.
I would listen for the shower,
Turn off the T.V and scamper
Back to my room
And tell my teddies about the cartoon.

© 2015


The rain fall

The rain comes down
The sky is dark
Memories of my home town
When will I go back?

The rain saddens me
I feel cold
I was empty
On that island.

It is a beautiful spot
Lovely people too
I will not
Go back there.

Maybe I will forgive
The place that nearly sent me
To an early grave.
I watch, the rain fall.

© 2015


I am annoyed with people
Because they won’t give me a trial
I am a hard worker
Just do me this favor

Let me pay my rent
I will be content.
I do acknowledge
I am slow with the language

But how can I learn
If you won’t let me earn.
I promise you won’t look back
If you add me to your pack.

© 2015

Picking one’s nose

Nothing comes close
To the joys of picking one’s nose
Don’t try to lie
And be that guy
‘That’s a filthy habit
I never insert my digit
Into my nose
Don’t be so gross.’

To be fair
It is a private affair
Nothing is more annoying
Then when you finally dig out that string
You notice some person
Their face stricken
You must put your goo
Into a piece of tissue.

To avoid this sacrifice
You gotta take my advice
Find a quiet spot
For you to play with your snot.
Sit back and start digging
For that gloopy string
Dispose it as you will
Make sure you enjoy the thrill.

© 2015