I am moving!

Hello all!

I am moving from WordPress to www.elegancesicy.com it’s so exciting. I have my first two posts already up. The website isn’t perfect just yet, I am figuring things out as I go but come on over and have a look!

I won’t be deleting this blog, but this will be the last post that I do here.

Thank you so much for all your support and I hope to see you over at my new website!

The Joys of Owning a Cat

Bought Scarlett a tree.
She sits on the table.
Place her on the tree.
Jumps the second she’s able.
Scratch the pole of the tree.
She watches me, baleful.
Look! It’s your present, the tree.
She starts to bristle.
Fine. Forget the stupid tree.
She walks over pure casual.
A million photos of the tree.
She stares at it, doubtful.
Does she like the tree?
She strolls away neutral.


Whoops! I forgot to update my goals…

Writing goal:

I started the third draft! And I’ve rewritten the first chapter, hopefully, fingers crossed, for the last time. That has been my biggest goal for this year, and I’m so happy that I’ve finally started it. Last night, as I was waiting to drift to sleep I was planning the second chapter.

My poetry book that I wrote over the summer about my experience during the summer is all written. I know what my cover will look like. I’m just waiting to get some feedback about which order the poems should go.

Waste book/Journal goal:

The only reason why I have a poetry book and started the third draft is my waste book. This notebook is the best thing ever. I pick it up, and I scribble down whatever. When I used to go on holiday, I would bring such a huge quantity of notebooks and pens and pencils, things to draw with and write with. Now, I bring my waste book and one pen. And that’s all I need.

Bullet Journal:

I’m nearly finished my bullet journal, and I’m starting a new one in the New Year. You can go on to my Instagram page and have a look at the newest setup on my current bullet journal and how my new bullet journal is turning out. My goal for my bullet journal is to incorporate both my professional and personal life in it.


I have read 21 out of the 24 books for the 2019s reading challenge. I went on a Terry Pratchett binge and caught up on my challenge. You can keep track of my reading challenge on my Goodreads page.


I joined the gym, and I try to go twice a week. I hurt my ankle, so I’ve slowed down on doing anything that aggravates it even more. I’m still running when I can, between 5 km to 7 km depending on how I feel as I am running. And of course, I’m still cycling to and fro work every day, sometimes twice a day.


I tried to read a bit of my book every morning, which you can also follow on my Goodreads page. I keep the values in my heart and go about my day in a more mindful way.


I have 30% to complete on my TESOL certificate. I had plenty of time over the summer to really work on it. I’ve stopped working on it at the moment because I prefer working on it in my holidays.


I’m very happy with my year. I’ve done so many things that I’m proud of. We visited Ireland! And it was the most incredible visit ever, and I cannot wait to go back. I met so many amazing people that I’ve known all my life and that I could truly appreciate on this visit. I will try to do an end of year goal summary, and also start thinking of next year’s goals. Even though I wasn’t amazingly up-to-date with this blog and my goals I did manage to work on all of my goals by myself.

Motivation & Anxiety

I tricked myself.

I told myself, I’ll go run on the treadmill at the gym. I joined the gym a couple of months ago, it’s great. I started to put on my gym clothes. Give the treadmill a go. I laced up my shoes, grabbed my rainproof running coat, locked the door. Putting my earphones in, started my MP3 player and I began running.

First, I said I’d stop at 20 minutes. Then 30 minutes. Then at 4KM. Well, I told myself, if I run to 4.20 KM by the time I reached the apartment it will be 5KM.

What has doing sport taught me? Motivation doesn’t exist. I’m never motivated to go to the gym. I’m never motivated to run. Sometimes it’s like this morning where I’ve to trick myself, other times, I shut off my thoughts — thanks, meditation — and go to the gym.

This lack of motivation and powering through it has helped with my anxiety. I’m rarely, if ever, going to be motivated to do sport, yet I always do it. I’m always going to have anxiety, however, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop trying new things.

If I can run 5KM on a miserable October morning, I can conquer my anxiety and prove to myself that the danger isn’t overwhelming and I can handle it.